Having trouble with your video interview?

On PC / Mac

If you’re experiencing trouble with your video interview, please check the following:

Camera and microphone are not functional

Please check that you can use your camera and microphone in any other application besides your web browser such as Skype or other video chatting program.

If your camera or microphone does not work:

  1. Check that the camera or microphone is properly connected if it’s connected via USB.
  2. Check that the camera or microphone’s drivers have been installed correctly and that they are up to date.
  3. Reboot your computer.

You have disabled access to your camera

To enable recording your camera and microphone in the video interview, the first time your camera is used, you will see a popup like this:

Google Chrome:

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

You need to click “Allow” for the interview to proceed. If you click “Block” or “X”, the interview cannot continue. If you have disabled access to your camera, follow the instructions below.

Enable access to your camera and microphone

Google Chrome

Click on the “Secure” button in your address bar and change Camera and Microphone to Allow.

Mozilla Firefox

First, check if you have disabled any permissions by clicking on the icon next to the address bar:

Click the “X” button next to “Blocked Temporarily” to remove the block. Refresh the page. After you start the interview again, you should see a dialog like this:

Click the “Allow” button to allow access to your camera and microphone.

Apple Safari

  1. Open Safari’s preferences (Safari > Preferences)
  2. Click on “Websites”
  3. Select “Camera” on the left
  4. Find “interview.kaizenrecruit.com” and select “Allow” from the dropdown on the right to allow access.
  5. Select “Microphone” on the left
  6. Repeat step 4.

Refresh the page. If you see this pop-up, click “Allow” to continue.

On iPhone / Android

If you’re unable to proceed with your interview on your mobile device, please contact support, mentioning the make and model of your device.