Dashboard for video interview users Premium Feature

Dashboard for video interviews.

The metrics for standalone interviews are slightly different than for applicants that have applied to job postings, as the interviews aren’t attached to a job or an interview process. If your contract only has standalone video interviews enabled (ie. you can’t post job postings or don’t have a landing site), this is your default dashboard.

If your contract has job postings enabled, you will see an additional drop-down on the dashboard where you can select between “Video interviews” and “Applicants”.

Applicant metrics

The available applicant metrics available for standalone video interviews are:

  • Invited: Number of applicants invited to conduct a standalone video interview.
  • Completed: Number of completed interviews.
  • Reviewed: Number of applicants that have been reviewed by assigned HR users.
  • Accepted: Number of applicants that were marked as accepted by HR.
  • Declined: Number of applicants that were declined by HR.

Pending and completed reviews

On the bottom, you can see the users that have reviewing duties assigned to video interviews. To review, the users must rate the applicants.

Note: If you haven’t assigned any users to review video interviews, you will not see this section.